Tuotteiden kuvaaminen ammattimaisesti puhelimella

Tuotteiden kuvaamisesta ei kannata ottaa stressiä. Se on oikeasti helppoa ja nykyajan puhelimilla saat ammattimaista jälkeä ihan muutamalla hienosäädöllä.

Välillä on hetkiä kun järkkäri ei ole matkassa ja kuvia otetaan puhelimella. Tästä saat parhaimmat vinkit KULTin luottokuvaajalta IINA MONNILTA tuotekuvien ottamiseen ja muokkaamiseen puhelimella:

Tausta, kirkkaus, lähikuva materiaalista(kuinka saa tarkan?) jne jne… KUVIA TEKSTIIN ja steppeihin?

First thing you do in the morning?
Having a big cup of coffee, I admit, I’m addicted.

What inspired you to start Lora Gene?
I think at the beginning, my inspiration was related to different things than it is now. I was looking for a simple, timeless and well-done collection with intricate details and I was also searching for quality that doesn’t cost the earth. I really wanted to create good quality pieces with timeless elegance which were fading away from the fashion scene. I felt the industry was missing something special that sat between designer luxury items and basics.

However, now I’m more inspired by proving that good clothes are clothes that are made well and benefit the whole supply chain rather than just the ego of the designer. I think we are desperately missing ethical clothing that is functional and comfortable but balances fashion, style and trends.

I’m also truly inspired by creating designs that make all women feel good, regardless of age, size and race. I design with the female form, in all its glorious shapes and sizes, in mind, which is why our collection ranges from size 6-28. I also make sure that custom sizes are always available on request.